The global leaders in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY have rolled out an enhanced wellbeing programme to provide support for colleagues across the UK and Ireland. 

Well-being has always been high on ASSA ABLOY’s agenda with the organisation recognising that this does not start and end at work. With this in mind, their wellbeing programme has been designed to help colleagues with situations that may impact their everyday lives. 

The initial programme launched in 2019 – however, with the detrimental impact the pandemic has had on people’s wellbeing, over the last year the organisation has enhanced its bespoke programme to ensure that colleagues working both on-site and remotely have the support they need and to encourage a pro-active focus on self-care. 

As part of the enhanced roll-out, a strategy and identity were created focusing on the four pillars of wellbeing, mental, physical, social and financial – all areas that contribute to overall wellbeing. This has been essential in raising awareness, communicating and helping to look after and supporting colleagues. The visual elements of the identity and strategy have ensured all colleagues can easily identify wellbeing communications and resources – whilst continuing to build momentum about the initiative and instilling a wellbeing community amongst their circa 1200 workforce. 

Sandeep Pawar, Pensions and Benefits Manager told Prosper, “The aim of our programme is to ensure everyone within our organisation has the resources available to maintain positive wellbeing, it helps reduce the stigma around openly talking about mental health and creates an environment of support. In essence, we wanted to implement a wellbeing programme that’s a useful asset for all within our region.”

To launch, wellbeing days were hosted – encouraging colleagues to get active by teaming up with local gyms, embracing healthier lifestyles and taking part in activities to help raise awareness of the importance of looking after wellbeing. The pandemic meant these events were postponed, but despite these challenges, ASSA ABLOY has not held back and have continued to implement further wellbeing initiatives. 

A communications ramp-up was set in motion with Wellbeing Wednesday bulletins being shared on a weekly basis – emphasising a different aspect of wellbeing with the aim of encouraging colleagues to reflect on their own wellbeing and spark conversations amongst teams. Each bulletin is linked to resources available or supports a national event. In April the organisation has supported ‘National Stress Awareness Month’ – showcasing the importance of managing stress.

Alongside this, a wellbeing platform was developed for colleagues on ASSA ABLOY’s intranet site creating a one-stop shop for all things wellbeing.  The platforms host multiple resources relating to all aspects of the four pillars and have been constructed so it’s user friendly and information can easily be obtained when needed – this includes webinars, guides, tips, useful links and national mental health organisations information. 

Mental health has been a key focus area and the organisation has enhanced their Wellbeing Support Service providing professional confidential support for those who need it. The enhanced service includes 24/7 GP access and mental health support – helping to prevent burnouts, tackle major life events and dealing with stress and anxiety.


Other services include a ‘Get Fit Programme’ - qualified nutritionists help generate personalised fitness plans and legal/financial support, to name just a few of the services available all of which can be accessed via an app or portal – giving colleagues support wherever and whenever they need it. 

Improving colleagues’ awareness of mental health signs and symptoms has also been a priority for ASSA ABLOY – manager training has been implemented covering all aspects of wellbeing, as well as colleague training and the introduction of a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) programme with 25 MHFA’s being appointed across the UK and Ireland.


Teaming up with the NHS, the organisation’s training has been delivered by an accredited NHS Medical Educator. The course is designed to enable MHFA’s to offer support, help identify signs of mental ill-health and have the confidence to guide someone towards the right professional help. 

Sebastian Modelly, NHS Medical Educator said, “I was inspired by how much ASSA ABLOY has gone ahead in introducing various health plans and benefits that give employees the opportunity to maintain or improve their health whilst at work or beyond. Their training and awareness programme in Mental Health and Wellbeing can easily be accessed by all employees.”

The general wellbeing of all has also been of the utmost importance with the organisation providing flu vaccination vouchers and rolling out lateral flow test facilities at their sites. All of this has been implemented alongside the usual wellbeing benefits such as eye-care vouchers and the Cycle2Work scheme. 

ASSA ABLOY will continue its commitment to providing wellbeing support for its colleagues with more on-site events and initiatives once it is safe to do so.

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