Whether a business is new to trading internationally or an experienced exporter, the team can help develop a strategy that’s right and help the process of doing business easier.

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Businesses now need to submit additional documentation and engage with new customs processes and procedures when moving goods between the UK and the EU.

Our Export Documentation team and Department of International Trade Advisors are our specialist customs advisory, training and brokerage service. The team can assist with enquiries and provide the necessary paperwork to clear your goods through customs.


Marion Doherty

Arun Dhunna - Export Academy Advisor

Ian Stevens - Clean Growth Advisor 

Export Documentation Team


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International Trade - Black Country Chamber of Commerce


4 May 2021: 

Connected and Autonomous vehicles


Opportunities and overcoming challenges in the French and British markets: Across three sessions, this event will showcase hotbeds of innovation in France and the UK, highlighting some opportunities for French and British businesses.


It will be an opportunity to hear more about the strategies and challenges that stakeholders are facing in both countries, as France and the UK are both working on updating the regulatory framework for automated vehicles. It will wrap up with a presentation by two major French businesses to highlight the opportunities created by their strategies for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. 

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4th-20th May 2021: 

Healthcare World Festival


Midlands Engine and Northern Powerhouse Virtual Trade Mission: Join us for this virtual Healthcare and life sciences trade mission, jointly organised by the Midlands Engine and Northern Powerhouse team, and gain access to global healthcare provides as part of the Healthcare World Festival. 

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4th May 2021 

North Sea Matchmaking


North Sea Matchmaking is a cooperation between organisations from three countries, Norwegian Maritime Exporters, Danish Export Association Marine and Society of Maritime Industries from the UK. Sign up today to meet suppliers, ship owners, yards, ship design agencies and other key industry professionals from Norway, Denmark and the UK. 


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12th – 13th May 2021 

Raising Finance: MEIF Masterclasses 2021


The Midlands Engine Investment Fund is pleased to invite you to join us for a series of two virtual Masterclasses on Raising Finance. 

The first event will take place on Wednesday 12th May and will explore Debt Financing, addressing funding for start-ups and early-stage businesses, and growth finance for more established businesses.   

The second Masterclass will take place on Thursday 1 July and will focus on Equity Financing, looking at how and why equity investment can support business growth, including business valuations when seeking equity finance and tips for how to pitch. 

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13th -14th May 2021 

Telecom Council Innovation Showcase


Thursday 13th May:  

INNOVATION SHOWCASE 2021 Start-up Pitches & Demos   
Join Telecom Council members, telcos representing over 3B customers across 40 countries, and the vendors and investors that support innovation across the communications industry as we review the Class of 2021. through include rapid-fire pitches, demos, a panel discussion with telecom tech scouts and investors, and the option to use Telecom Council's MatchMaker service.  

Friday 14th May: 

MATCHMAKER MEETING SERVICE: Speed Dating for Telcos, Vendors, Investors and Startups  
Telecom Council's MatchMaker meeting service is speed dating for startups and telecom companies. During the Innovation Showcase, our MatchMaker will facilitate over 400 private discussions between companies with mutual interest.


These pre-arranged, 15-minute meetings start after the startup presentations and can be scheduled until EOD Friday - either over zoom or in-person.

Details, Agenda & Attendee List  


EOIs close 14th May 2021 

Innovation Showcase 2021 

Join New Mexican E-commerce Boutique Store: DIT Mexico invites food and drinks manufacturers and exporters to participate in the first e-commerce initiative in Latin America. The project aims to allow UK products to test the Mexican market through a leading online marketplace with a unique boutique store. 

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18-19 May 2021: 

UK Export Finance Supplier Fair: 

Ministerial City Construction, Benin: Arabian Construction Co. (ACC) is seeking to engage UK suppliers for the construction of the Ministerial City in Cotonou, Republic of Benin. The project comprises of approximately 60,000 m2 of built-up area, including ten office buildings, landscaped gardens, a restaurant, and a car park. 

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18th-20th May 2021   

Explore Export: Free Trade Agreement Opportunities 

Free Virtual Event


Since leaving the EU, the UK government has negotiated a Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU and Free Trade Agreements or Continuity Trade Agreements with over 60 countries /markets around the world from the Palestinian Authority to Peru, Iceland to South Africa, and Japan to Canada... 


Register for this event to request 20-minute meetings with sector specialist Trade Advisers or generalist export growth advisers representing over 40 markets to explore export opportunities for your product or service. 

You can also request meetings with our Business Culture and Communications Adviser who can help you understand business cultures, decision-making styles and cultural preferences, so you don’t make expensive, rookie mistakes when entering a new market, and also with a UK Export Finance Manager (UKEF). UKEF is the government's export credit agency and has a range of finance and insurance products designed to help you win contracts, fulfil orders and get paid. 

Confirmed Markets:   
Africa (Market Entry Team) | Austria | Belgium | Czechia | Denmark | France | Germany | Hungary | Italy | Japan | Korea | Latin America and Caribbean (Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Central America, Mexico and CARIFORUM member states) | Moldova | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Romania | Singapore | Sweden | Switzerland | Turkey | Vietnam | Plus, plenty more yet to confirm! 

Why take part? 
This is a great opportunity for West Midlands companies to discuss the export prospects for their products or services with DIT trade advisers and partner organisations across the globe.

How to book?  
Request and book 1-2-1 virtual meetings. The system will allow all participants to request and receive requests. Please note that to spread the opportunities only one representative per company is eligible to register per day. 

Book your virtual meetings here 


18-22 May 2021: 

Explore Export: FTA Opportunities: 

This virtual event will facilitate 20-minute meetings with sector specialist Trade Advisers or generalist export growth advisers representing over 40 markets to explore export opportunities for both products and services. 

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20th May 2021 

Meet the Buyer May 2021  

SMMT runs a number of Meet the Buyer style events, each aimed at helping buyers meet suppliers that fit their particular needs at any point during their purchasing cycle.


The events are regularly used by organisations of all shapes and sizes to find new suppliers, connect with old ones or lay the foundations for future partnerships. 


SMMT has a strong track record of delivering value through these events to both buyers and suppliers, with events always being oversubscribed. 

What you need to do  

Step 1 – Express your Interest  

Once the expression of interest opens, please select how you would like to be involved in SMMT Meet the Buyer May 2021.

Please note: One company submission per company. 


Express interest in this event 


Step 2 – Register to attend  

A registration link will be sent via email once you have completed step 1. 


As part of the registration suppliers will need to pay the administrative fee of £200 (free for SMMT members) to confirm your company’s EOI submission. 


Please note: If a company is unsuccessful in securing meetings, the registration fee will be refunded after the event. 


Step 3 – Update your company information  

Please ensure your company profile is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. This information will be used by the buyers to find your company listing. Please create a short Meet the Buyer profile to ensure you stand out from other suppliers.  

Update your company profile  

Visit Meet the Buyer - SMMT  


Sunday 12th September - Thursday 16th September  

Big 5 International Building and Construction Show - Dubai 

Midlands Engine are planning a mission to the Big 5 Exhibition in Dubai. This will be the first physical meeting in the infrastructure sector calendar for 2021, with the opportunity to have a Pod on a stand at the exhibition, Meet the Buyer meetings and networking. Places will be very limited, so get in touch now. 

Express interest in this event


A company in Panama is planning to build a waste management plant and is looking for UK Suppliers that can provide the following equipment:


  • 2 shredder trucks 6,000 lbs / hour, 2 rear axles

  • 2 shredder trucks 6,000 lbs / hr, 1 rear axle 

  • 4 power plants p150-1 

  • 2 3c plus backhoe 

  • 3 off-road cars, double cab Pick Up 

  • 8 grinding mills, 20hp, 40hp and 80hp

  • 4 continuous plastic pyrolysis plants 

  • 2 trucks of 15,000 litres, 4,000 gallons 

  • 20 refrigerated trucks of 4 tons 

  • 3 CAT 336fl excavators 

  • 3 forklifts 2p 7000 

  • 5 Incinerator 330 kgH 

  • 2 tipper and 6 roll-on 

  • 8 On-site Treatment Station MWI-150 

  • 8 boiler, 100 HP dual fuel boiler, gas and diesel 

  • 1 rolling machine 

  • 6 reefer container of 20 ft

  •  Portable galley


If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact  for more information

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