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Thank you for choosing to advertise with us at PROSPER Magazine! As part of our unique advertising opportunity, you are due to benefit from advertising within our printed magazine, as well as a fully interactive digital advertisement in PROSPER Online. 

To help us manage your advertising campaign effectively, please complete the relevant details below: 

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Please refer to our Advertising Design Guide for artwork dimensions and specifications.

Great! Our team are looking forward to working with you. To help us understand your brand, your message and the type of people you are looking to attract, please answer a few overview questions below.

1: Background/Overview

What's the big picture? What's going on in your market? Anything happening on the client side that we should know about? Any opportunities or problems in the market that we need to be aware of?

Example: We provide quality printing solutions using litho printing presses, but we are losing business to cheap online printing offers.

2: Objective: What is the goal of the advert?

Write a concise statement of the effect the ad should have on consumers. Typically expressed as an action and focused on what the ad should make the audience think, feel, or do.

Example: The main objective is to raise our profile to local businesses and ensure they contact us for a quotation comparison when they are ordering their printing.

3: Target Audience: Who are we talking to?

An audience profile is more about how real people think, feel and behave than it is about numbers and percentages. The aim here is to paint a portrait of your audience so we can visualise them:

- Who are they?  - Where are they?  - How do you normally communicate with them? 

4: Focus: What's the most important thing to say or show? 

Here you want to identify the single most persuasive statement or compelling visual, you can present to achieve the objective. Keep it simple. Avoid generalities.

Example: Our main message should be ‘Online Printers are not always the cheapest option! Make sure you contact Print X for a like-for-like quotation!

5: Reasons why: What are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy? 

List the rational and emotional reasons for consumers to believe what you say, to try the product, to buy the service. Include all major copy points and visual evidence listed in order of relative importance to the consumer.

Example: The added service levels of a local printer - at the same price as online. Compare our quality and price to your last online printing order

6: Content Elements 

Based on the information you have provided above, let’s take a look at the specific elements we need to create your advertisement. Remember, a magazine advert should grab the readers attention and then allow them to take in the full info quickly. (If you try to include too much information they will glaze over and move on)


Essential Body Copy: 

Specific Offer: 

Call to Action:

Contact Details:

Logo file:

Let us have copies of any logos that need to be included (high-resolution EPS, JPEG, TIFF files are good)

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Image files:

We will source appropriate generic images for your advertisement however, if you have specific images you want to include, please attach them and include names of any people/places/products featured? (We’re printing, so high-resolution photos only please).

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Your Interactive Online Advertisement 

Your display advertisement will be recreated to suit our mobile-friendly online magazine template. All adverts are displayed in an optimised easy-read window and include the following interactive tools: 

Web Link:

Direct Response Contact Form:

Optional Dynamic Flexi-Tools

If you have paid to add a DYNAMIC FLEXI-TOOL, please provide the relevant details below:

Video Content:

Pop-Up Message:

Document Download:

Please attach the document you would like people to download (PDF/DOC)

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Image Gallery:

Please attach up to five images with title and short caption for each. (High-resolution JPEG/TIFF)

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Thank you for completing our Creative Brief Questionnaire!

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