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Board Effectiveness Programme Director Anna Bateson reflects on why NOW is the right time for Leaders to invest in their own Professional Development.


The past two years have been a time for business leaders to think and act quickly in response to a continuously evolving business environment. Looking after the interests of multiple other people, it is often difficult to make time to stop and think about yourself and recharge your batteries for the next period.


Seldom has it been more important to devote time to understanding yourself, your leadership approach and establishing how you can best build and deploy your strengths. 


Inspirational leaders recognise that their decisions, actions and behaviour are under increasing scrutiny and their approaches are copied. Keen to understand how best to capitalise on their talents, they invest time and energy in developing awareness of the appropriateness of the choices they make and the impact they have on others. 


We each read situations in different ways. We notice different things and often respond according to the approaches which have worked for us in the past. 


Keeping busy in your business can mean that action is continuously required and time to reflect is at a premium. Recognising our preferences and habits and their appropriateness helps build our self-awareness and guides our future choice of responses.


Our Board Effectiveness Programme provides a chance to understand how leadership is changing in response to the new ways in which organisations operate and the changing expectations of followers.


This pair of workshops explores the changing leadership environment, the situations in which you lead, your strengths, style and leadership brand. 


Based on an exploration of Situational Intelligence, you will consider how your decisions and actions are perceived by others and the impact you have on each other, your organisation and your wider stakeholders.


The board creates the tone from the top of the organisation. Board decisions, as well as individual and collective behaviour, reinforce perceptions of what really matters and what is valued.


The focus of these four workshops is based on an exploration of Situational Intelligence and considers the ways in which effective boards and directors develop their understanding of how decisions and actions are perceived by others and their impact on each other, the organisation and their wider stakeholders. 


Your Leadership Approach 

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 22nd Sept and 29th September 

Member Price: £750 + vat 

Non-Member Price: £900 + vat 


Building Better Boards 

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 21st October and 28th October 

Member Price: £750 + vat 

Non-Member Price: £900 + vat 


Leading Strategic Change 

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 9th November and 18th November 

Member Price: £750 + vat 

Non-Member Price: £900 + vat 


Leadership for Governance 

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 2nd December and 9th December 

Member Price: £750 + vat 

Non-Member Price: £900 + vat 





Directors, Boards and Business Owners face unprecedented challenges with strong Leadership and Governance never being more crucial.  



Two Full Days, in-person in Wolverhampton

9am – 5pm on 13th and 14th October 

Directors of SMEs tend to underappreciate the responsibilities that come with being a company director, with many having little understanding of their statutory and fiduciary duties. This module provides delegates with an essential understanding of the key duties, roles and legal obligations of the Director.


Packed with the latest thinking and best practice, the course will explore good governance principles, provide up to date legal requirements and give participants a renewed confidence to tackle the increasing challenges facing their business. Irrelevant of the size or make-up of your business, good governance is vital to ensure its survival and growth. 

The reasons why a small business might fail are no different to those of a large organisation and this course will help you understand your regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as ensuring your business delivers on its strategy, whilst maximising opportunities and minimising risk for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

For this workshop, we return to a classroom setting in a venue in Wolverhampton.

Teas, coffees and a light lunch will be provided. 


Two Full Days, in person in Wolverhampton:

9am – 5pm on​ 19th and 20th October 


A Director is expected to be familiar with the financial impact of business decisions and be sufficiently knowledgeable about finance to carry out their duties and understand the financial strategy of the organisation. 

This module, designed particularly for non-finance Directors and senior management, equips all delegates with the essential skills and knowledge to interpret and interrogate key financial data, ensuring understanding of financial concepts, terminology and reports that provide insight into the financial position of any business.


Delegates will take away a vital understanding of how a robust financial strategy can help drive value within their business and be the bedrock of the company’s overall business plans, enabling them to confidently engage with their FD, Board and Stakeholders.


For this workshop, we return to a classroom setting in a venue in Wolverhampton.

Teas, coffees and a light lunch will be provided. 

For more information visit: Director and Board Development - Black Country Chamber of Commerce or contact Calum Nisbet direct at:  

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