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From their HQ in Wolverhampton, the female-led team behind Black Country success story WELL Training is helping a “hidden gem” enhance the skills of workforces across the UK, Europe, America and Asia.


WELL has established a growing reputation for providing high impact training for leading brands nationally and internationally, including a broad range of apprenticeships, as well as bespoke development courses shaped to meet client needs.


UK big names such as food-tech success Just Eat for Business, premium coffee house Caffè Nero, Premier Marinas, the NHS have all worked with WELL to upgrade the skills of their staff, at every level.


They are now being followed with international clients such as US photography company Cherry Hill who operate across the breadth of North America and international personal care giant Edgewell, whose portfolio includes brands such as Wilkinson Sword razors.


WELL are flying the flag for Black Country knowhow by delivering digital classes for these global brands in a range of languages, including Spanish for cohorts in Central and South America, Japanese and Mandarin.


Launched in 2010, WELL’s experienced coaches have helped more than 3000 learners while supporting client companies with apprenticeships, training in leadership, management coaching and mentoring, learning and staff development. WELL also prides itself on delivering world-class customer service support programmes.


Able to draw upon the experience of shaping bespoke courses for leading brands, WELL utilise a range of learning solutions including both classroom-based learning and video technology to guide cohorts through development sessions to help both individuals and their companies to excel.


WELL are on a significant growth journey, with revenues expected to grow by more than 50 per cent in 2021 following significant account wins. The team is also expanding, with new additions being sought in sales and business development, operations and their learning coach team.


This summer WELL was commended for delivering high-quality apprenticeships by receiving a “good” rating in its first-ever full inspection by Ofsted. 


The visit in July rated the overall effectiveness of WELL as “good”, with the same gradings for the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and apprenticeships.


In addition to delivering leadership and management apprenticeships, from its HQ in Queen Street, Wolverhampton, WELL offer apprenticeships in business administration, coaching and mentoring, along with learning and development. WELL also help employers access apprenticeship levy funds.


During the inspection, WELL was leading a large group of managers through leadership and management apprenticeships for a major retail brand. Ofsted praised the high standard of teaching. The report said, “Apprentices enjoy the interactive nature of learning sessions and feel this helps them to engage with and remember their learning well. They can clearly recall their learning and can identify how this is helping them in their day-to-day job roles.”


For CEO Lindsey Flynn and her team, based around key family members and a host of experienced learning coaches, being a Black Country business with a global focus feels a natural fit.


Lindsey told Prosper, “The WELL team draw upon our wide global experience to set the very highest standards in leadership and management development. 

“We pride ourselves on becoming total geeks in our knowledge of our learners, and the organisations they work for, building an understanding of what will add most impact and benefit to enable them to develop, transform and grow. 


“We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. Every programme we offer is unique to the clients we work with, building in their values and their ambitions to ensure our learning solutions deliver exactly what they need to help them excel. 


“We get to know our employers really well, understanding how their business works, challenges they face, relevant processes and systems, while ensuring we understand how the training can add value to their business. 


“After landing international accounts with Edgewell and Cherry Hill and receiving commendation from Ofsted, the ‘geek’ in our WELL DNA is already looking to rapidly build and develop from here.”


WELL is based around a strong family unit and the WELL leadership team are inspiring to others, not just in their training services, but in the ways, they have overcome adversity.

Lianne has shown great resilience and character amid personal tragedy and adversity. Five years ago, she had to rebuild her life after suffering a serious stroke from a whiplash injury.

During 2019 the family had continued to operate the business while supporting their sister and daughter Stacey as she fought triple-negative breast cancer.  Stacey was a successful woman in her own right with a PhD in cancer research and a high-profile role with Public Health England. 


Tragically, Stacey died in early 2020 with the family not only trying to cope with her devastating loss at the young age of 40 but also balancing care for her three young children and supporting her widower, all while running WELL during the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Inspired by Stacey’s case, Lindsey has launched an online petition calling for the Government to create a National Taskforce, similar that launched to tackle Covid-19, to end breast cancer deaths.

Lindsey said, “The Government highlights its support for women, yet breast cancer remains an area where the approach to developing cures and treatment is fragmented and significantly under-funded. Through this petition, we are mobilising people who want to see more done to tackle this silent killer.” 


While WELL makes a big impact on the international and national stage, it continues to change lives locally. WELL has helped more than 350 people at risk of long-term unemployment across the Black Country towards work.


WELL’s delivery of Black Country Futures (BCF) support assisted nearly 50 people into employment, training and education, with 34 securing level-one customer service qualifications. 

WELL delivered support for more than 300 people through the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme, which supported people aged 16 and over who were identified as in the 20 per cent most deprived section of society.


The future looks bright, says Paul Kennedy, Chair of the WELL board. “WELL has been something of a ‘hidden gem’ in the Midlands, delivering state of the art learning and development training solutions to national and global international clients, while transforming futures and delivering business growth,” he said. 


“With the team continuing to set the very highest standards, WELL is on course to continue to grow, develop and transform organisations and individuals globally as we build our outstanding team.”


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