Based in and around Dublin, the Ireland team consists of ten members looking after both investment and trade clients.  

“On the trade side,” Svenja said, “I work with three colleagues and together we primarily cover four key sectors: construction & infrastructure, life sciences, offshore wind and agritech.  

“All of these sectors provide excellent and high-value business opportunities for UK companies with a strong product or service offering, and with an interest in exporting to Ireland. 

“Ireland is one of the UK’s top 5 export markets, as an English-speaking country with an open and competitive economy, it means that our team are kept busy with many UK companies using Ireland as their exporting springboard.  

“As a trade team, we support our UK companies by providing up to date market information and insights, organise events in our key sectors with potential Irish customers in attendance, and also work with UK companies on a 1-1 basis.  

Svenja continued, “I specifically focus on the offshore wind sector in Ireland and the upcoming commercial opportunities it provides for UK companies along its supply chain. The Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan sets out a target that 70% of electricity used should come from renewable energy sources by 2030. 

“Offshore wind development is seen as playing a vital role in achieving this by 2030, the aim is to build between 3.5 – 5 GW offshore projects between now and the end of this decade. UK companies with expertise in this sector should definitely keep an eye on this market opportunity. 


“Projects are currently in the early survey and planning stage, with most developers projecting the start of the construction phase between 2023 and 2025. This sector provides further opportunities in terms of the development and upgrade of Ireland’s electricity grid as well as its ports. And in the long term, floating offshore wind is set to play a key role as Ireland’s west coast sports some of the best wind speeds in Europe with several projects already in the pipeline.” 



If you are considering growing your business through export and have little or no experience of doing this, you can now join The Export Academy. 


The Black Country International team now have the dedicated support you need and, with Arun Dhunna who joined the team recently available to discuss your plans, he can help you prepare for the next stage in your business growth.   


What is the programme?  


The Export Academy supports new and inexperienced exporters that want to take their exports to the next level. Businesses can receive support to develop an export action plan and access a suite of intensive masterclasses and support on critical issues such as market research, international marketing, export procedures and getting your goods to market  
The scheme is open to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises working with a Department for International Trade (DIT) Export Academy Adviser.   
You can learn more about the masterclasses and see the full eligibility criteria and application details below.  


Preparing for January 2021: Getting Goods to Market and Export Procedures  


The workshops will focus on exports at a practical level in terms of understanding the processes and procedures involved in getting goods to market, using real-life case studies and examples to show how the processes should be managed and the roles and responsibilities for you, the transport company and the end customer.   


Market Research & Selection  

Market research is the first and one of the most vital steps for any organisation whether they are entering a new overseas market or developing existing markets. In this workshop, you will consider different approaches and research techniques and start to develop a research plan for your own business.  

International Marketing Strategy  


In this workshop, you will learn about developing your international digital marketing strategy for a global audience. The session will include topics such as website internationalisation, SEO, digital marketing, social media, e-marketplaces, advertising and data.  


Eligibility and more information:  

  • Open to businesses working with a DIT Export Academy Adviser (subject to the eligibility criteria below)   

  • This ERDF funded support is subject to eligibility criteria – SMEs wanting to access this support must first confirm their eligibility by completing an SME declaration form – this will be provided upon expressing your interest   

  • Due to the tailored and interactive format of these sessions, each workshop is limited to a maximum of 15 delegates, and we can only accept 1 representative per company   

  • Due to ERDF funding rules certain sectors are ineligible and we cannot support retail businesses or those selling majority Business to Consumer   


The Export Academy is delivered in partnership with the Enhanced Export Growth Project which is an ERDF funded project.   

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If you are a company based in the Black Country and would like to talk to Arun, please email or call 07593 562057.