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2021 continues to be a challenge and the months ahead are going to be tough. Many Business Leaders are still feeling the uncertainty of Brexit and dealing with commodity shortages, fluctuating prices, transport issues and labour constraints. Covid exacerbates the issue, especially for Exporters who are not able to travel to win deals or maintain contracts. 


The Chamber recognises that robust leadership and good governance are key to the recovery of businesses across the Black Country. The Director and Board Development series comprises a suite of bespoke workshops designed to build and reinforce the competencies needed to be an exemplar in the role.  


Designed and led by business professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of sectors, they are able to bring the topics to life with practical examples and case studies from the real world. 


Chamber Commercial Director, Calum Nisbet, explained why the timing of these courses is so important. 


“This is where good governance comes into its own,” continued Calum, “It ensures that there is a good decision-making process in place, that policies and procedures exist to ensure accuracy, consistency and responsiveness to key stakeholders. It helps Directors to be agile and to make decisions with confidence, ensuring the future of the business. 


“With their decision making and behaviour under scrutiny, now is the time for Boards to be clear about the leadership they provide. 


The Chamber’s Director and Board Development Series are delivered virtually and in half-day sessions with courses also delivered as bespoke ‘in house’ programmes. Topics cover the key knowledge a director needs to understand such as their responsibilities, Finance and Strategy, as well as how to adopt and implement these as a Leader. 


Alloy Wire International has partnered with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce for many years and we were particularly interested in the new Director and Board Development Programmes being offered.  

“Having recently appointed three new Directors to the Board I decided to raise the standards by having a bespoke course specially designed and delivered by video link to five members of the new Board, focusing on The Role of Finance in Business. The preparation and organisation of the course were very good and the Programme Leader who delivered the two half-day sessions followed the brief and made the content interesting and relevant to the attendees.   

“We covered Finance strategy, accounting concepts, Profit vs Cash, Financial performance and many more areas including reviewing a competitor's accounts to compare against our own performance. The Programme Leader was really good at explaining the accounting principles, but also giving lots of interesting examples so the new Board now have a better understanding of the finances of our business.  

“The Directors of Alloy Wire International would highly recommend this very informative, interesting and professional course.” 

Mark Venables – Managing Director – Alloy Wire International 

‘As we lead our organisations towards the future, the time approaches for many directors and Business Leaders to reflect on how they have navigated the last couple of years and what they will need to do individually and collectively to travel safely forward. Many questions pre-occupy us:

  • How far have we come and where next?

  • Who is with us and how do they feel?

  • Who do we need to talk with and listen to?

  • What are we going to do together?


Our facilitator, author of Situational Intelligence Anna Bateson, will enable you to think about real situations you're currently facing and the approaches you could consider to address them.

Anna Bateson

Business consultant, coach, strategy facilitator and author. Founder of Cutting Through The Grey.


Leadership for Governance

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 8th July and 13th July

Member Price: £750 + vat

Non Member Price: £900 + vat

Your Leadership Approach

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 22nd Sept and 29th September

Member Price: £750 + vat

Non Member Price: £900 + vat

Building Better Boards

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 21st October and 28th October

Member Price: £750 + vat

Non Member Price: £900 + vat

Leading Strategic Change

Two half-days: 9am - 1pm on 9th November and 18th November

Member Price: £750 + vat

Non Member Price: £900 + vat

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